In order for the Annie LeGere Law to be implemented throughout the state of Illinois, local allergy advocates must work with police departments and city management to bring this life-saving tool to their communities.

The State of Illinois has written the Prescriber's Toolkit for Law Enforcement Emergency Epinephrine which provides sample standing orders and suggested policy and procedures for police departments to reference.

The toolkit is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics Illinois Chapter, DuPage County Health Department, Illinois Department of Health, Illinois State Medical Society, Illinois Academy of Family Physicians, Illinois Public Health Association, Northern Illinois Public Health Commision, and the Office of the Attorney General State of Illinos.

Getting the Prescription

Police departments will need to obtain a prescription for undesignated stock for single use devices from a physician. In order to decrease the burden on the local police department, it is useful for local advocates to work with doctors in the area to obtain a prescription for the police department. Please consider the following when contacting a doctor in your area.

  • Prescribers do not need to be an allergist.
  • Doctors in private practice are not constrained by institutional bureaucracy.
  • A prescription from the top city or county medical official will often cover an entire county rather than a specific city.

Finanical Assistance

The Annie LeGere Foundation understands that each community's finanical resources are different and cost can be a hurdle for police departments. Please contact the foundation on the form located to the right to learn about possible funding from The Annie LeGere Foundation.

Contact The Annie LeGere Foundation to bring these life saving devices to your local police officers.

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